Seizures are seen in about 1% of the population are a result of overactive nerves in the brain which cause an electrical storm that spreads through the brain. The seizure itself can range from a very subtle twitching of one limb, called a simple seizure, to a spell where consciousness is altered, called a complex partial seizure, to a grand mal seizures where patients lose consciousness, may fall, convulse all over, and maybe lose bladder and bowel control and bite their tongue.

Some patients are born with the brain already wired to have seizures called primary generalized seizures or their seizures may arise from a partial spot in the brain called focal or localization related seizures.

Testing for seizures involved imaging of the brain, such as an MRI, and an EEG (EEG) which looks at the brain waves. In certain cases an ambulatory EEG with video (AEEG) that records brain waves over 48 hours is sometimes performed.

There are many medications now to treat seizure disorders nowadays. In certain cases, we also use a Vagal Nerve stimulator to help control seizures.

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